Hosted by Dr. Scott Sigman – “Ask the Expert”

When all this lockdown craziness started we promised to bring you expert opinion and guidance. Today we do just that. Professor Paula Cannon is an expert virologist from the University of Southern California, she kindly took the time to join us for an interview and help find the answers to all our virus questions.

Thank you to our partner OrthoLazer for making episode #31 of The Ortho Show possible.

2 thoughts on “Hosted by Dr. Scott Sigman – “Ask the Expert”

  1. Darlene Allen

    Great podcast! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Jim Epstein

    I’m a 70 y.o. former surgical patient (and BTW more than thankful that you agreed to provide me with a superior capsular reconstruction despite my apparently irreparable subscapularis — and now 18 months on do have much improved range and strength, albeit as I knew in advance, not to an achievable degree of a normal SCR recipient. So, again, thanks for taking me on and that I’ll likely never have to face a reverse total shoulder.)

    I’ve been listening to your podcasts with great interest and am particularly disheartened to hear that the COVID-19 pandemic — actually the resulting shutdown — is more than deleterious to your practice. So, I’ll ask point-blank, was this shutdown really necessary or advisable under any reasonable economic AND health cost/benefit analysis? I remain puzzled. While every COVID-19 death or physical impairment is certainly regrettable, the numbers in relation to the total population, simply do not add up for our society to have initiated the shutdown with its countervailing economic and health suffering and loss.

    Thanks, and any discussion on this thread or in future podcasts would be most appreciated.

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