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Hosted by Dr. Scott Sigman – “Demystifying Orthopedic Telemedicine”

Grappling to adjust to remote orthopedics? In the first of our guest hosted series “The Ortho Show with Dr Scott Sigman” Scott connects with Dr Mike Greiwe, CEO of OrthoLive. Mike was pioneering orthopedic telemedicine before the rest of us had ever imagined such a thing. Now his insights and experience are exactly what we need.

A big time thank you to our sponsor!
This episode of The Ortho Show is brought to you in partnership with OrthoLazer.
OrthoLazer Orthopedic Laser Centers offer both patients and their orthopedic doctors an innovative and effective alternative pain management option to treat acute and chronic orthopedic conditions. FDA-cleared and patented technology treats the pain and inflammation associated with a wide variety of soft tissue injuries, nerve pain, arthritis and surgery with no known side effects.

Visit for more information and see how you can incorporate OrthoLazer in to your treatment protocols

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Education – “The Alt-AAOS Episode 2”

The Alt-AAOS continues today with Dr William Levine from Columbia Orthopedics in New York.
Dr Levine had a presentation planned for Orlando discussing “Navigating the challenges of mentoring in today’s environment”. If you’re a leader in any area of the orthopedic industry, or if you have aspirations to be a leader, Dr Levine has some valuable guidance for you.

This episode of the Ortho Show “Alt-AAOS” is brought to you by Xiros North America. Xiros are excited to be launching their new Infinty-Lock Button system, a super simple, super fast, ACJ repair system. No coracoid drilling, high strength, low stretch, less time. Check out the the Infinty-Lock and Xiros’s other new innovations at

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Education – “The Alt-AAOS Episode 1”

For the first time in our short history we had decided to work with a sponsor, an orthopedic company by the name of Xiros, to make the AAOS episodes possible. When the Academy took the wise decision to cancel we figured that was that, but Xiros, to their credit, said we should go ahead anyway and they very generously wanted to continue to support our newly dubbed “Alternative or Alt-AAOS Episodes” a collection of interviews from surgeons who had intended to deliver presentations in Orlando, bringing you their key message here on the Ortho Show.

This episode of the Ortho Show “Alt-AAOS” is brought to you by Xiros North America. Xiros are excited to be launching their new Infinty-Lock Button system, a super simple, super fast, ACJ repair system. No coracoid drilling, high strength, low stretch, less time. Check out the the Infinty-Lock and Xiros’s other new innovations at

In this first Alt AAOS episode we talk with Dr Jorge Chahla from Rush University Medical Center. We cover biologics and knee ligament reconstruction, two of the topics he was scheduled to discuss at the Academy meeting.

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Education – “Just Say No”

How are you managing the pain of osteoarthritis patients?  Dr. Wasik Ashraf is another advocate of an opioid sparing approach for his patients and he believes there are some very simple treatment options you can employ to help patients experience less pain, get moving and improve their overall outcomes.

As always, we really appreciate you listening, please share this episode and for goodness sake, don’t forget to subscribe.

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Community – “True Future”

What’s the next evolution in orthopedics? The integration of AI? Wider adoption of Robotics? What about the impact of 3D printing? And how might Amazon disrupt the industry completely?

Todays on the podcast we talk with a chap who spends his time defining the answers to these questions working alongside our industries top CEO’s, entrepreneurs and innovators. He is industry insider and med tech influencer Mr Joe Mullings

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Education – “The Ability of Availability”

“The most important ability is availability.” Today we discuss the role of surgeons and  physical therapists in injury reduction. We sit down with Dr Chuck Thigpen and Professor Darin Padua to discover the keys to implementing injury prevention programs and making them stick.

BU finds physical therapy access may reduce opioid prescriptions

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Education – “The Robots are Coming”

Are robots a part of your orthopaedic practice? They certainly are for today’s guest, Dr Jason Snibbe. Take a listen as he describes the impact this is having in his patient outcomes and his feelings on what’s next in the robotics evolution. Hope you enjoy Episode #19 of The Ortho Show

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Education – “In my opinion”

Join us for an interesting discussion with Dr John Richmond on his personal philosophy on managing OA knee pain before surgical intervention and different approaches to ACL repair. He has a real depth of experience and has been a member of research teams that have received the O’Donoghue Sports Injury Research Award in 1995 and the Cabaut Memorial Basic Science Research Award in 2007, both from the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine. We greatly appreciated Dr Richmond taking the time to talk with us and we would love to hear your opinions on the approaches covered in this interview .

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Education – “Razzle Dazzle Lower Trapezius Transfer”

Forget The Lat Transfer! Time To Show You The Lower Trapezius Transfer, Razzle Dazzle
That snappy lecture title belongs to a talk delivered by today’s guest Dr Dan Guttmann of the Taos Orthopedic Institute in New Mexico. Dr Guttmann was trying to find a quiet place to send some emails when he happened upon our mobile podcast studio. They say timing is everything, so we took the opportunity to quiz Dr Guttmann about this tricky technique. Thanks for being a good sport Dr Guttmann, see you in Taos.

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Education – “Follow the Fro”

Dr Scott Sigman is leading the charge in opioid sparing orthopedics and is on a mission to deliver his inspiring message to the broader orthopedic community. We were lucky enough to get a few moments with Dr Sigman and to be able to discuss what drove him to take up this cause and gather some of his key insights in to building an opioid free practice. If you feel inspired to do so, we encourage you to connect with Dr Sigman via social media and #followthefro. You’ll be glad you did.
Hope you enjoy and thanks for listening

Recorded live at the Orthopaedic Summit Evolving Techniques conference 2019

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Community – “Leaving Las Vegas”

Our final live(ish) episode from the 2019 Orthopaedic Summit. We wrap up by hearing from the events educational Director Stephanie Petterson and her thoughts on the importance of the open and honest sharing of information in order to advance patient care. Thanks again to all of our guests this week and looking forward to joining you all here again next year.

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Education – “Power to the PT”

OSET day three. There’s no doubt that Physical Therapists play an essential role in the successful outcomes of orthopedic patient care. Today we’re joined by a couple of influential PT’s and discuss their thoughts on improving patient compliance and the importance of the surgeon physio relationship. As always, we hope you enjoy the show.

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Education – “Top Guns”

It’s day two of our live show from the 2019 Ortho Summit. Today we had a chance to bring you some of the heavy hitters of the orthopedic industry. First up we hear from Professor Rene Verdonk. In addition to being a super nice chap, Prof’ Verdonk happens to be regarded as a thought leader in the treatment of meniscal injury. Then we hear from Dr Jack Farr, Dr Farr is here to share his extensive experience in cartilage repair. Some wise words are contained within these short few moments we had to share with these experts in their fields. Hope you enjoy the show.

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Education – “Young Guns”

Coming at you live(ish) from the Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas Nevada. Today is day one at the Orthopedic Summit we got to enjoy several outstanding presentations and panel discussions. What really stood out was the new crop of ortho super star faculty members holding their own in the company of some pretty heavy hitters.

In this episode we catch up with a couple of these Young Guns. Firstly Dr Matt Hepinstall shares his insights in to the use of robotics in orthopedics. Skynet is imminent! We will also hear from Dr Rachel Frank. Rachel was in a panel for complex shoulder surgery and is a first time faculty member at OSET. She’s crazy smart and has some interesting points on educational case studies.

Lots more to come this week. Thanks for listening.

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Education – “Live surgery”

The Ortho Show is hitting the road in December. We are heading to Las Vegas and are excited to be the official Podcast partner of the Orthopaedic Summit Evolving Techniques (OSET) annual meeting. We will be publishing daily highlights and key learnings from the show, along with some interviews from presenting faculty.

Today’s episode is the first of our OSET faculty members, Dr Eric McCarty. We discuss what’s involved in delivering a live surgery at an educational event like the Summit and the advantages and pitfalls of this kind of teaching.

We hope you enjoy this episode and look forward to taking you behind the scenes at OSET later next month.

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Community – “SIGN Fracture Care International”

Giving the injured poor access to fracture surgery by donating orthopedic education and implant systems to surgeons in developing countries. That’s the mission of the SIGN Fracture Care organisation that was formed in 1999 by today’s guest Dr Lewis Zirkle. SIGN do a lot of good in the world and we hope you can take the time to listen to Dr Zirkle’s journey to make SIGN a success and find out where they are heading in the future.

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Education – “ROCK, research in osteochondritis dissecans of the knee”

This week on The Ortho Show, we decided to find out what it takes to form a ROCK group. Research in OsteoChonditis of the Knee, to be more precise. Out guest is Dr Kevin Shea, orthopedic surgeon from Stanford University Medical Center, talks us through this groups important work, patient education, surgeon education and their mission to provide up-to-date information and research about OCD to physicians everywhere.

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Education – “Evolution in the treatment of patella malalignment”

This week on The Ortho Show we get technical. We are tackling the subject of anterior chronic patella subluxation and We’re joined by Dr Lonnie Paulos who guides us through how his approach to these patients has evolved over the years and how these learnings influence his practice today. Dr Paulos assesses each patient by considering all non-surgical remedies first and defining their suitability for both operative and non-operative treatment. He’s a wealth of knowledge and highly regarded in the field of sports medicine, we look forward to welcoming him back to the show in the near future.

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Community – “Is there a doctor on board?”

An orthopedic surgeon, a collapsed lung and a bottle of cognac were all on a flight.. Today’s show may sound like a setup for a joke, but for Professor Angus Wallace this journey was no laughing matter, at least until now.

Professor Angus Wallace:

Article on incident:

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Innovation – “..and then you win”

Ever wonder how to get that amazing product idea you have out of your notebook and into the OR? In the first of our Surgeon Inventors series we talk to Professor Ofer Levy, orthopedic surgeon and inventor of the Verso Shoulder reverse shoulder system. Professor Levi takes us through his journey from idea to product launch, highlighting challenges and successes along the way.

Mr Ofer Levi bio:

Verso Shoulder:

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