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Hosted by Dr. Scott Sigman – “Question Time”

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It’s Dr. Scott Sigman vs. Dr. Michael Redler in the ultimate battle of the wits, as they tackle listener questions from the Orthopedic community.

Find out more about Dr. Michael Redler here.

Thank you to our partner OrthoLazer for making this episode of The Ortho Show possible.

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Hosted by Dr. Scott Sigman – “Titan of the Industry”

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Check out on this week’s episode…What’s next for Becker’s Healthcare, the industry leader for networking and sharing of information?

Find out more about Scott Becker here.

Thank you to our partner OrthoLazer for making this episode of The Ortho Show possible.

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Hosted by Dr. Scott Sigman – “Words of Wisdom”

Challenging us to look for opportunity in these toughest of times. Expert career advisor Mr. Joe Mullings joins guest host Dr. Scott Sigman for an interview that offers daring guidance that will serve those bold enough take it.

This episode is made possible by the support of OrthoLazer. FDA-cleared and patented technology treats the pain and inflammation associated with a wide variety of soft tissue injuries, nerve pain, arthritis and surgery with no known side effects.

Visit for more information and see how you can incorporate OrthoLazer in to your treatment protocols.

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Community – “The Alt-AAOS Episode 3”

In this episode we explore a rarely covered but essential part of the orthopedic family, The Orthotist. We are talking to Orthotist, entrepreneur, and industry influencer Mr Spencer Doty. We discuss the effects of the current pandemic on orthopedics, elective surgeries, hospitals and clinics. Spencer describes how they are delivering care today and what the future holds. This was recorded last week and although not technically inline with our “Alt-AAOS” programming the content was too valuable not to post right away.

What is the “Alt-AAOS” series?

We, like you, had planned to be in Orlando to bring you interviews and happenings associated with this epic annual event. To do this we had proudly partnered with our first ever sponsor, Xiros. When the event cancelled we figured that was that, but Xiros generously continued to support our mission to “Advance patient care through the sharing of ideas and information” and the “Alt-AAOS” was born.
Thank you Xiros you rock!

Check out their innovative orthopedic implants at

Find out more about Spencer Doty at

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Community – “True Future”

What’s the next evolution in orthopedics? The integration of AI? Wider adoption of Robotics? What about the impact of 3D printing? And how might Amazon disrupt the industry completely?

Todays on the podcast we talk with a chap who spends his time defining the answers to these questions working alongside our industries top CEO’s, entrepreneurs and innovators. He is industry insider and med tech influencer Mr Joe Mullings

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Community – “Leaving Las Vegas”

Our final live(ish) episode from the 2019 Orthopaedic Summit. We wrap up by hearing from the events educational Director Stephanie Petterson and her thoughts on the importance of the open and honest sharing of information in order to advance patient care. Thanks again to all of our guests this week and looking forward to joining you all here again next year.

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Community – “SIGN Fracture Care International”

Giving the injured poor access to fracture surgery by donating orthopedic education and implant systems to surgeons in developing countries. That’s the mission of the SIGN Fracture Care organisation that was formed in 1999 by today’s guest Dr Lewis Zirkle. SIGN do a lot of good in the world and we hope you can take the time to listen to Dr Zirkle’s journey to make SIGN a success and find out where they are heading in the future.

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Community – “Is there a doctor on board?”

An orthopedic surgeon, a collapsed lung and a bottle of cognac were all on a flight.. Today’s show may sound like a setup for a joke, but for Professor Angus Wallace this journey was no laughing matter, at least until now.

Professor Angus Wallace:

Article on incident:

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Community – “You can’t handle the truth!”

Today we learn what it takes to run a successful international orthopedic conference. Our guest is Dr Kevin Plancher, the host, organizer, and marketer extraordinaire behind the Orthopedic Summit Evolving Techniques.

Orthopedic Summit:

Dr Kevin Plancher:


Community – “Mobility Outreach International”

Our guest this week is Dr Maryse Bouchard. In addition to being a pediatric orthopedic surgeon at the University of Toronto, Canada, Dr Bouchard volunteers large amounts of her time to the very worthy organization Mobility Outreach International (MOI). We chat about MOI’s vision, mission and goals as we discover why long term sustainability should be at the core of volunteer medical services delivering care in emerging countries.

Dr Maryse Bouchard bio:


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Community – “Updates from AANA”

On today’s episode of The Ortho Show we’re at the Arthoscopic Association of North America (AANA) event in Orlando Florida. We sit down with Mr Neil Jain, sports medicine surgeon from Manchester England, and good friend of the show. Mr Jain discusses some of the highlights from the event and earns himself a lunch from us.

Mr Neil Jaine bio:


Dr Martha Murray:

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