Community – “The Alt-AAOS Episode 3”

In this episode we explore a rarely covered but essential part of the orthopedic family, The Orthotist. We are talking to Orthotist, entrepreneur, and industry influencer Mr Spencer Doty. We discuss the effects of the current pandemic on orthopedics, elective surgeries, hospitals and clinics. Spencer describes how they are delivering care today and what the future holds. This was recorded last week and although not technically inline with our “Alt-AAOS” programming the content was too valuable not to post right away.

What is the “Alt-AAOS” series?

We, like you, had planned to be in Orlando to bring you interviews and happenings associated with this epic annual event. To do this we had proudly partnered with our first ever sponsor, Xiros. When the event cancelled we figured that was that, but Xiros generously continued to support our mission to “Advance patient care through the sharing of ideas and information” and the “Alt-AAOS” was born.
Thank you Xiros you rock!

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