Hosted by Dr. Scott Sigman – “Dr. Chris Dougherty”

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Dr. Christopher Dougherty, orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine, joins for this episode. He’s been in practice for 20 years and is at the Agility Center Orthopedics in Bentonville, AR. Dr. Dougherty has pioneered surgical procedures that have been adopted world-wide, as well as developed the most advanced rehab protocols in the state. His numerous patents and published articles aid surgeons around the world to perform advanced surgeries for their own patients.

Topics include:

-He was born and bred in Missouri. He discusses his experience as the Team Physician for the Kansas City Royals and Northwest Arkansas Naturals.

-He’s at the forefront of innovation in sports medicine and an early adopter in sports medicine technology with Miach Orthopaedics BEAR® implant and Biorez’s BioBrace™ “Tendon in a Bag” implant. Dr. Dougherty discusses scenarios, challenges and outcomes with utilizing these new innovations.

-Dr. Dougherty is a lead physician at OrthoLazer’s location in Bentonville. We hear about what piqued his interest in opening this facility.

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