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PitchPro: Vericel

PitchPro is “The best of orthopedics pitched to the best in orthopedics.” 

Tune in to this pitch from Vericel on MACI®. Vericel’s all-star pitch team includes orthopedic surgeons, Dr. Geoffrey Van Thiel and Dr. Cassandra Lee. Listen to hear them pitch to our expert panelists, Dr. Vinod Dasa, Dr. Scott Sigman, Matthew Ray Scott and Joe Mullings. Dr. Van Thiel and Dr. Lee really nailed it with MACI’s key messaging and included a few great laughs to the panelists. They took the panels heat and had seamless responses to their tough questions. 

MACI is a 3rd generation ACI. For more information including Important Safety Information, please see Full Prescribing Information at 

Want to go up against the heat of the panel on PitchPro? Email for more information. 

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