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Hosted by Dr. Scott Sigman – “The OG of Box Openers”

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Medical device sales reps, listen in!

Ciro Roemer, former Company Group Chairman for Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices for North America, joins us for this episode. You’re going to want to write down these pearls of wisdom from a top orthopedic executive with 35 years of industry experience. He joined us when he was enjoying his first week of retirement. Topics include:

-It’s a team effort from medical device manufacturers to the surgeons for the best patient outcomes

-Advice from an executive in medical devices. He carried a bag and started in the trenches

-Credo where patients are #1, employees #2, community #3, stakeholders #4

-Importance of AO Foundation as the world’s leading education provider to health care professionals

Thank you to our partner OrthoLazer for making this episode of The Ortho Show possible.

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Community – “True Future”

What’s the next evolution in orthopedics? The integration of AI? Wider adoption of Robotics? What about the impact of 3D printing? And how might Amazon disrupt the industry completely?

Todays on the podcast we talk with a chap who spends his time defining the answers to these questions working alongside our industries top CEO’s, entrepreneurs and innovators. He is industry insider and med tech influencer Mr Joe Mullings

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