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Hosted by Dr. Scott Sigman – “Dr. Roboto”

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We’re continuing to bring you more of the best of the best in the orthopedic industry. We have Dr. Cory Calendine this week, orthopedic surgeon extraordinaire who specializes in robotic joint replacement. He is “savoring life to the bone,” pun intended. Topics include:

-Passion for building brand on social media by connecting to his patients through education. He uses a little bit of everything to get information out with videos, posts and even haiku’s!

-Generating positive energy for his practice through awareness with patients by using SocialClimb for Google reviews

-What is robotic surgery and why he is an early adopter? It’s all about how he can improve patient care through robotics and adjustments intraoperatively

CliftonStrengths assessment. Are you a WOO?

Find out more about Dr. Cory Calendine here

Thank you to our partner OrthoLazer for making this episode of The Ortho Show possible.

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Community – “True Future”

What’s the next evolution in orthopedics? The integration of AI? Wider adoption of Robotics? What about the impact of 3D printing? And how might Amazon disrupt the industry completely?

Todays on the podcast we talk with a chap who spends his time defining the answers to these questions working alongside our industries top CEO’s, entrepreneurs and innovators. He is industry insider and med tech influencer Mr Joe Mullings

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Education – “The Robots are Coming”

Are robots a part of your orthopaedic practice? They certainly are for today’s guest, Dr Jason Snibbe. Take a listen as he describes the impact this is having in his patient outcomes and his feelings on what’s next in the robotics evolution. Hope you enjoy Episode #19 of The Ortho Show

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