PitchPro – “EAGLE-I 3D”

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Tune in to this pitch from EAGLE-I 3D. EAGLE-I 3D is a privately backed early-stage company offering 3D-CT PSI (patient specific instrumentation) software subscription App (SaaS) and personalized surgical alignment guides for total hip replacement. Listen to hear the EAGLE-I 3D team pitch to our expert panelists, Dr. Vinod Dasa, Dr. Scott Sigman, Matthew Ray Scott and Joe Mullings.

EAGLE-I 3D all-star pitch team includes:

Management Team

• Jeff Chandler, CEO • Mike Gillman MD, CMO • Jim Ham, COO

Advisory Board:

• Ran Schwarzkopf MD, NYU Langone Health • Derek Amanatullah MD, Stanford • Ed Domanski, 3D-CT PSI Expert