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Hosted by Dr. Scott Sigman – “BEAR”

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Martha Shadan, President and CEO of Miach Orthopaedics, Inc., joins us for this episode. She has more than three decades of experience in the life science industry as a business leader in a variety of both large and start-up organizations.

We hear about her industry experience as a leader. During 2018, Shadan served as global vice president of marketing at Smith & Nephew, a role she assumed after the company acquired Rotation Medical, where she was president and CEO. Shadan led Rotation Medical through FDA approval and commercialization of the Rotation Medical Bioinductive Implant for rotator cuff tears (now known as REGENETEN™), as well as the company’s acquisition by Smith & Nephew in December 2017. Prior to joining Rotation Medical, she was the president of the Trauma Division at Zimmer where she managed the P&L for the global business. Shadan served at Covidien as vice president/general manager of Vascular Therapies and vice president/general manager of BioSurgery and Sports Surgery.

Topics include:

-Miach Orthopaedics’ proprietary, bio-engineered Bridge-Enhanced® ACL Restoration (BEAR®) Implant. They recently received FDA clearance and are moving towards commercialization in select areas shortly. It is a proprietary bio-engineered implant used to facilitate healing of the torn ACL. Unlike reconstruction, which is the current standard of care, the BEAR Implant does not require a second surgical wound site to remove a healthy tendon from another part of the leg or using a deceased donor’s tendon. The BEAR Implant acts as a bridge between the two ends of the torn ACL.

-We also discuss important advice for medical device listeners in their careers.

Find out more about Martha Shadan here and find out more about Miach Orthopaedics, Inc. here.

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PitchPro – “EAGLE-I 3D”

PitchPro is “The best of orthopedics pitched to the best in orthopedics.”

Tune in to this pitch from EAGLE-I 3D. EAGLE-I 3D is a privately backed early-stage company offering 3D-CT PSI (patient specific instrumentation) software subscription App (SaaS) and personalized surgical alignment guides for total hip replacement. Listen to hear the EAGLE-I 3D team pitch to our expert panelists, Dr. Vinod Dasa, Dr. Scott Sigman, Matthew Ray Scott and Joe Mullings.

EAGLE-I 3D all-star pitch team includes:

Management Team

• Jeff Chandler, CEO • Mike Gillman MD, CMO • Jim Ham, COO

Advisory Board:

• Ran Schwarzkopf MD, NYU Langone Health • Derek Amanatullah MD, Stanford • Ed Domanski, 3D-CT PSI Expert

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Hosted by Dr. Scott Sigman – “VR in the Ortho World”

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Dr. Danny Goel, CEO of Precision OS, joins us this week to discuss their virtual reality program to educate residents and doctors on surgical techniques in the ortho world.

Find out more about Dr. Danny Goel here.

Thank you to our partner OrthoLazer for making this episode of The Ortho Show possible.

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Hosted by Dr. Scott Sigman – “Ortho Influencers”

Have you ever wondered where the energy to be a full time Orthopedic Surgeon and a full time entrepreneur comes from? Vinod Dasa and Scott Sigman seemingly never sleep. On this episode, these two passionate pioneers grant a look behind the curtain of their all in approach to advancing orthopedics.

This episode is made possible by the support of Xiros North America makers of the Infinity Lock™ Button System, super fast, super simple, ACJ repair system. No corocoid drilling, high strength low stress, less time. Check out the Infinity Lock™ Button System and their other innovative orthopedic implants at

Find our more about Dr Vinod Dasa at