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Hosted by Dr. Scott Sigman – “VR in the Ortho World”

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Dr. Danny Goel, CEO of Precision OS, joins us this week to discuss their virtual reality program to educate residents and doctors on surgical techniques in the ortho world.

Find out more about Dr. Danny Goel here.

Thank you to our partner OrthoLazer for making this episode of The Ortho Show possible.

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Hosted by Dr. Scott Sigman – “Ortho Influencers”

Have you ever wondered where the energy to be a full time Orthopedic Surgeon and a full time entrepreneur comes from? Vinod Dasa and Scott Sigman seemingly never sleep. On this episode, these two passionate pioneers grant a look behind the curtain of their all in approach to advancing orthopedics.

This episode is made possible by the support of Xiros North America makers of the Infinity Lock™ Button System, super fast, super simple, ACJ repair system. No corocoid drilling, high strength low stress, less time. Check out the Infinity Lock™ Button System and their other innovative orthopedic implants at

Find our more about Dr Vinod Dasa at