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Hosted by Dr. Scott Sigman – “Rod Woodson”

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Does Rod Woodson need an introduction?! He played in the NFL for 17 years, with 10 years being with the Pittsburgh Steelers and was a key member of the Baltimore Ravens’ Super Bowl XXXV championship team that beat the New York Giants. He is an NFL superstar as one of the greatest defensive players and named in the Top 100 NFL players of all time.

We discuss his family, faith and humility, amongst these other topics:

-Black and gold runs through his veins from his high school career at Fort Wayne Snider High School, playing college football at Purdue and professionally for 10 years with the Pittsburgh Steelers

-The dreaded three letters for any football player….A-C-L. He discusses his ACL injury while with the Pittsburgh Steelers, chondral defect in the opposing knee and ongoing issues with osteoarthritis now

-Being inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame, part of the Top 100 player list and being a part of the 75th NFL Anniversary Team

Find out more about Rod Woodson here.

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Hosted by Dr. Scott Sigman – “BEAR”

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Martha Shadan, President and CEO of Miach Orthopaedics, Inc., joins us for this episode. She has more than three decades of experience in the life science industry as a business leader in a variety of both large and start-up organizations.

We hear about her industry experience as a leader. During 2018, Shadan served as global vice president of marketing at Smith & Nephew, a role she assumed after the company acquired Rotation Medical, where she was president and CEO. Shadan led Rotation Medical through FDA approval and commercialization of the Rotation Medical Bioinductive Implant for rotator cuff tears (now known as REGENETEN™), as well as the company’s acquisition by Smith & Nephew in December 2017. Prior to joining Rotation Medical, she was the president of the Trauma Division at Zimmer where she managed the P&L for the global business. Shadan served at Covidien as vice president/general manager of Vascular Therapies and vice president/general manager of BioSurgery and Sports Surgery.

Topics include:

-Miach Orthopaedics’ proprietary, bio-engineered Bridge-Enhanced® ACL Restoration (BEAR®) Implant. They recently received FDA clearance and are moving towards commercialization in select areas shortly. It is a proprietary bio-engineered implant used to facilitate healing of the torn ACL. Unlike reconstruction, which is the current standard of care, the BEAR Implant does not require a second surgical wound site to remove a healthy tendon from another part of the leg or using a deceased donor’s tendon. The BEAR Implant acts as a bridge between the two ends of the torn ACL.

-We also discuss important advice for medical device listeners in their careers.

Find out more about Martha Shadan here and find out more about Miach Orthopaedics, Inc. here.

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Hosted by Dr. Scott Sigman – “Air Traffic Control for Surgical Cases”

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Such a remarkable, entrepreneurial story! Joanna Geisinger Devin has worked in medical device sales for almost 10 years for companies such as Smith & Nephew and Zimmer. Early in her career, she realized the poor communication endemic in surgical scheduling, a problem she faced firsthand as a sales rep. In 2016, she left her position as a medical sales rep to receive her MBA at Babson College F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business. She is now the Co-Founder and CEO of Torq Interface with its mission to revolutionize communication between hospitals and their vendors and to repurpose savings for enhanced patient care.

Topics include:

-Get creative to reach out to surgeons! Joanna had caricatures drawn of surgeons with music to get their attention. She personalized it to her surgeon’s to end the dread of being turned away at the front door.

-She left a fantastic position in medical sales to get her MBA and pursue her desire to be an entrepreneur. Listen to this amazing story!

-Torq Interface is like air traffic control for surgical cases. They are now in over 100 facilities and 24 states using Torq’s EHR-integrated platform to streamline surgical scheduling and eliminate back-and-forth emails, calls, and texts. They also have a simplified loaner tray management feature to gain visibility into the status of loaned equipment and track vendor compliance with pick-up and drop-off windows.

-Her vision with Torq with growing into ambulatory surgery centers to promote efficiencies and goal of 500 facilities in next 12 months.

-Advice for those considering starting a business.

Find out more about Torq Interface here.

For MD’s, capture quick reflections on each learning below & how it applies to your day-to-day to unlock a total of 1 AMA PRA Category 1 CMEs.

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Education – “Follow the Fro”

Dr Scott Sigman is leading the charge in opioid sparing orthopedics and is on a mission to deliver his inspiring message to the broader orthopedic community. We were lucky enough to get a few moments with Dr Sigman and to be able to discuss what drove him to take up this cause and gather some of his key insights in to building an opioid free practice. If you feel inspired to do so, we encourage you to connect with Dr Sigman via social media and #followthefro. You’ll be glad you did.
Hope you enjoy and thanks for listening

Recorded live at the Orthopaedic Summit Evolving Techniques conference 2019

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Community – “Leaving Las Vegas”

Our final live(ish) episode from the 2019 Orthopaedic Summit. We wrap up by hearing from the events educational Director Stephanie Petterson and her thoughts on the importance of the open and honest sharing of information in order to advance patient care. Thanks again to all of our guests this week and looking forward to joining you all here again next year.

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Education – “Power to the PT”

OSET day three. There’s no doubt that Physical Therapists play an essential role in the successful outcomes of orthopedic patient care. Today we’re joined by a couple of influential PT’s and discuss their thoughts on improving patient compliance and the importance of the surgeon physio relationship. As always, we hope you enjoy the show.

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Education – “Top Guns”

It’s day two of our live show from the 2019 Ortho Summit. Today we had a chance to bring you some of the heavy hitters of the orthopedic industry. First up we hear from Professor Rene Verdonk. In addition to being a super nice chap, Prof’ Verdonk happens to be regarded as a thought leader in the treatment of meniscal injury. Then we hear from Dr Jack Farr, Dr Farr is here to share his extensive experience in cartilage repair. Some wise words are contained within these short few moments we had to share with these experts in their fields. Hope you enjoy the show.

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Education – “Young Guns”

Coming at you live(ish) from the Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas Nevada. Today is day one at the Orthopedic Summit we got to enjoy several outstanding presentations and panel discussions. What really stood out was the new crop of ortho super star faculty members holding their own in the company of some pretty heavy hitters.

In this episode we catch up with a couple of these Young Guns. Firstly Dr Matt Hepinstall shares his insights in to the use of robotics in orthopedics. Skynet is imminent! We will also hear from Dr Rachel Frank. Rachel was in a panel for complex shoulder surgery and is a first time faculty member at OSET. She’s crazy smart and has some interesting points on educational case studies.

Lots more to come this week. Thanks for listening.

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Education – “Live surgery”

The Ortho Show is hitting the road in December. We are heading to Las Vegas and are excited to be the official Podcast partner of the Orthopaedic Summit Evolving Techniques (OSET) annual meeting. We will be publishing daily highlights and key learnings from the show, along with some interviews from presenting faculty.

Today’s episode is the first of our OSET faculty members, Dr Eric McCarty. We discuss what’s involved in delivering a live surgery at an educational event like the Summit and the advantages and pitfalls of this kind of teaching.

We hope you enjoy this episode and look forward to taking you behind the scenes at OSET later next month.

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